Friday, April 29, 2011

FREEDOM -Maher ZAIn !!

Got in here with my family, my neighbors and my friends.
Standing front together against the version formed in gains.
Doesn’t matter where you’re from..
Or if you got to hold on hand on hand
Here for the same reason we want to keep it come again.

Lord I thank You.
Can I ask straight to hold world?
And You know I’m here together.

Call You for freedom freedom
I know You can hear our heart ooo
Call them from freedom
Flying for freedom
I know You won’t let us apart ooo
I know You hear it Lord

And we here’s losing.
Losing our hearts.
And we’re afraid to dark.
I dream disaster view of you.
Just to be free.
I want protect another stair to win ’till life for call me freedom.
Can’t see your dream? It’s closer.
Closer to home us back.

I can feel to fly in the air
And it makes me strong to see that everyone
Standing to get all we have in unity
Shouting out loud the many kind of freedom

This is it
And we knock back enough
Oh God we’re going to hear our call
And we


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